Gustav Bergman

Gustav Bergman


What does your mountain life mean to you?
Mountains mean for me pure freedom, the possibility to follow my own path, to explore and discover. Mountains are my playground, the place where I feel the most alive.

Why did you choose Silva?
Because you can rely on Silva: Silva has accompanied me on the most challenging adventures for years, illuminates the trails for me during the night and helps me to carry my burdens.

What is your inspiration to all your races and adventures and your strive to be better?
It is this insatiable desire for adventure, this desire for freedom and the search for my limits - beyond that, the question of how far these can be pushed and where the limits really are. It is this pure joy of running, of moving fast in a technical demanding playground and to discover more.

What are you most proud of in your trail running career so far?
In terms of competition, it is certainly the win at the Mozart100 this year (2021) when I started the Ultra Trail World Tour for the first time. It was an amazing experience and a real goosebumps moment to cross the finish line in the heart of Salzburg as first. In addition, I am proud of all that I have already seen, the everyday moments in the mountains that are withheld from many others and that I have never lost the joy of the mountain despite all the competitions and obligations.

What goals do you have for 2022?
Next year I would like to develop myself further as an ultra-runner, learn from the best and gain further experience at international competitions. I want to get a little closer to my big dream. The motivation is big.