More flexibility

Modular multi-activity headlamps with several attachments and features

More freedom

Silva Flow Light enables seamless tuning of the light pattern for different activities

More feeling

Discover the brand new multi-activity series Exceed 4, Trail Speed 5 and Cross Trail 7

Free the energy

Trail Runner Free

Trail Runner Free is a new series of iconic headlamps that features a unique technology where the power cord is integrated into the headband.

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Find your headlamp

In our headlamp guide you will get inspiration and helpful articles to find the most suitable headlamp for your needs.

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Running vests

Discover the new
Strive Light Black

Strive Light Black is a running vest available in multiple sizes and with 5 or 10 liters packing volume.

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New design
Better fit

Out most popular running vest. Now in a stylish black design.

This is Silva

Since 1933 we have been helping people enjoy the outdoors. We put pride in our history and the fact that we have been designing and producing outdoor gear for over 85 years.