Ryan Sandes

The first to win all FOUR Desert Races

South African cross-country runner Ryan Sandes is one of the absolute best endurance runners in the world. In 2010, Ryan became the first competitor to win all four events in 4 Desert Races. Imagine races of around 250 km lasting several days that you run completely without outside support. The competitions take place in extreme places in the world such as the Atacama desert in Chile, the Gobi desert in China, the Sahara desert in Egypt and Antarctica.

Ryan has been part of the Silva family since 2021.

Multiple world champion in Ultra-trail
Four-time winner of ultramarathons in the desert
Western State 100 Winner

Ryan Sandes


What is the allure of ultra-distance running that keeps you going?
The unknown. I love that ultra long distances are about overcoming both mental and physical challenges. It's such a humbling experience to think you're on top of the world one minute and then sink into a dark hole.

What does the typical training week look like?
It depends on what I'm training for and where I am in my training plan. On average I run 15-20 hours per week and spend about 3 hours on mobility and strength training and then another 2 hours on recovery such as massages and visits to my chiropractor and the like.

What do you take with you when you run ultra long distances?
It depends on the conditions but it's always good to have a headlamp, rain jacket, sunscreen, chafing cream and my mobile phone.

What is your best training memory?
Last year I was a friend's co-runner who ran the 13 Peak Challenge on Table Mountain. It was his first overnight ultra race and it was really cool to share that experience with him. There was something magical about watching the sunset from the top of the mountain and running through the night to then watch the sun rise over Cape Town and experience the whole city waking up.

What is your favorite product from Silva?
I like the Silva Trail Runner Free and Dry Bags.

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