Tillbehör kompass




Here you will find compass and navigation accessories - accessories and spare parts that make you get more out of navigation, both on land and at sea.

Compass and orienteering accessories 

Among our orienteering accessories you will find everything from spare parts for orienteering compasses to distance meters and orientation controls.

Extend the life of your orienteering compass with spare parts. Or upgrade them with an accessory, like the magnifier compatible with the Arc Jet compasses.

Here you will also find classic orienteering markers and Silva's orienteering controllers Reflective markers with reflexes, which do the job both in competition and training.

Navigation accessories – on land and at sea

Here you will find accessories and products that enhance the adventure. For example, map gauge – an analogue navigation device with a pointer that allows you to plan your walk in detail before you set off. Maybe you need a spare compass? Our pocket compass is small and handy and has a built-in thermometer.

For those of you who have boating as a hobby, we also have inclinometers you can use to check the angle of heel on sailboats or when checking motorboats.