For 89 years, we at Silva have manufactured compasses for orienteering, outdoor life, adventure and boating. With our quality compasses, you get precise and fast navigation on land or at sea, day or night. Constantly developing and improving our compasses to become the best on the market is something we have worked with since the beginning in 1933.

Orientation compasses for fast and precise navigation

Our range of orienteering compasses ranges from beginner compasses for children and adults, to compasses used by elite orienteers. Here you will find wrist compasses for children and ruler compasses that can be used both for orientation and hiking. Our rotary capsule thumb compasses have the highest performance and are developed by elite orienteers. You'll also find classic Silva orientation controls and orientation markers.

Boat compasses and marine compasses

Are you looking for sailboat compasses, motorboat compasses or compasses for kayaks? Here you will find sailboat compasses for bulkhead mounting, front-reading boat compasses, flush-mounted compasses, pedestal compasses for sailors and motorboat compasses that can handle high speeds. Most of our marine compasses have high heeling angles, dual scale, three ruler lines and built-in lighting for night navigation. We also have kayak compasses that you attach with rubber bands, universal compasses that can be used both as steering compasses and hand-held bearing compasses and inclinometers.

Compasses outdoor and outdoor life

Find a compass for outdoor life and adventure. Among our beginner compasses you will find classic standard compasses with a rotatable compass housing and entry-level compasses that meet the requirements for training in schools, youth groups and leisure orienteering. Here you will also find adventure and expedition compasses such as our aiming compasses with global needle, magnifying glass and slope card to detect avalanche risk.

Quality compasses since 1933

Already in 1933, the Kjellström brothers, Silva's founders, invented the first liquid-filled compass that revolutionized navigation and became a global standard. Namely, the liquid created a resistance that prevented the needle from spinning. Now you could read the compass in just 4 seconds, compared to the previous 30. Ever since then, we have developed and improved our compasses to be as fast and precise as possible.