Among our outdoor lamps you will find flexible headlamps for outdoor life in the mountains, at home or on the lake. The Explore series are waterproof 400 lumen headlamps that are excellent for sailing, kayaking, SUP and fly fishing, but also climbing and hiking. The Terra Scout series are simpler headlamps that do the job during the hike, in the tent or on the evening walk. Common to both series is that these headlamps are easy to use, have a generous burning time and are easy to take with you.

Explore – waterproof headlamp for kayaking, sailing & climbing

The Explore headlamps are just as popular for use on land as they are on water. These headlamps are waterproof and can withstand up to 30 minutes in water at a depth of 1 meter, which makes them optimal headlamps for kayaking, sailing, SUP and fly fishing. Thanks to its compact, lightweight design and long burning time, the Explore headlamp is also handy when hiking or climbing. Explore has 400 lumens and three LED colors with red light that facilitates night vision. Explore is available in two models, one of them runs on alkaline batteries and comes in several colours, whereas the other headlamp model has a rechargeable battery.

Terra Scout – headlamps for the outdoors, hiking and the tent

The Terra Scout is a useful headlamp for hiking, camping or dog walking. Terra Scout is made of recycled materials with 90% less carbon emissions. The headlamp is available in several models with a light output of 300 to 350 lumens and a generous burning time that lasts for several days. Terra Scout is water-resistant and can withstand heavy rain, is easy to use and can be charged with both rechargeable hybrid batteries and alkaline batteries (different batteries included depending on the model).