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When outdoors in the dark, we want you to feel like your head torch is an extension of your body. And we want you to feel safe. For decades, we have worked with active people; true enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best when it comes to their equipment.

Today we have a range of head torches suitable for any activity and any preference. This guide will help you find the right light, and the perfect companion for your favorite activity.

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Our headlamp philosophy

We have been around since the 1930s and with all the experience we have learned a lot about headlamps. This is how we think when we design our headlamps.

Our different models

When you're out in the dark, we want your headlamp to feel like a natural part of yourself. Here is an overview of our different headlamps.

Advantages of Silva's light

The optics in all our headlamps have Silva Intelligent Light, which optimizes the light image, all multilamps also have the flexibility of Silva Flow Light.

Find the balance between burn time, brightness and weight

This is how you optimize the experience and use of your headlamp.

Choose the right headlamp for your activities

We help you find the perfect headlamp for your needs.