Guide to Poles

Different poles for different uses

Developed for adventures

We have helped people enjoy the outdoors since 1933. We put pride in our history and the fact that we have designed and produced outdoor gear for over 90 years. We want to share all our knowledge with you and inspire you to add more adventures to your life. In this guide you will find out more about using poles: whether your aim is to climb mountains, run for many miles on trails in the forest, rev up your fitness routine or make more of your daily walks.

This season we're launching a new series of poles - made for running just like you.


Keep your pace with Silva running poles. Running with poles will save your legs on long distance sessions, races, and when the terrain is particularly challenging.

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Poles help you maintain your pace and improve both balance and posture, allowing you to go further.


Get better balance and stability with hiking poles from Silva.


Increase speed and training effect with walking poles from Silva.


“It's almost like meditating. It's you and nature and you can't think about anything else but where you're going to set foot next"