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Here you will find pole accessories for your walking poles and hiking poles. Our poles are durable, but accessories such as rubber feet and snowshoes are consumables for frequent hikers. Here you will find new, fresh accessories so that you can replace the parts that have worn out, or to upgrade your existing poles so that you get even more out of your hiking or trekking.

Rubber feet, pole tips and shoelaces

Improve your grip on snowy or muddy surfaces with "Walking Poles Snow Basket" or "Trekking Poles Snow Basket". These snowshoes fit Silva's walking poles and hiking poles and give you a secure grip when it's slippery.

"Walking Poles Rubber Paws" and "Trekking Poles Rubber Paws" are well cushioned rubber feet that are comfortable to use on asphalt or hard surfaces. The rod tips are often the first thing to wear out on a pair of rods and the model "Carbide tips" fits all Silva rods and is easy to replace when the old ones are worn out. 

Hand straps and gloves

Here you will also find hand straps and gloves for the hiking poles and walking poles. Replacing your old hand straps or gloves with new ones is an inexpensive investment to freshen up your existing poles and make them feel like new.