Find your cycling equipment at Silva: super strong 10 000 lumens headlamps for MTB, enduro and downhill and headlamps with flexible mounts on bike helmets and handlebars for road cycling. We also have hydration backpacks and hydration belts for MTB and backpacks with computer compartments for commuting.

Headlamp for MTB, enduro och downhill

Spectra A is designed for action sports that require strong light – a perfect headlamp for MTB, enduro and downhill. The headlamp has a strong light output of 10,000 lumens, turning night into day. The Spectra A comes with accessories such as a battery bag to attach to the bike frame, remote control and helmet mount.

Another option is the FREE series. Choose the FREE 3000 lumens for downhill biking and FREE 2000 lumens for mountain biking. Both headlamps can be combined with three different batteries. We recommend the powerful 72 Wh long-distance battery (L) for longer sessions and the 36 Wh long-distance battery (M) for shorter ones.

Bike helmet lights

FREE 2000 is an optimal headlamp for road cycling. Choose a powerful long-distance battery (36 Wh or 72 Wh) for the rechargeable headlamp and attach the lamp unit to the bike helmet or handlebars.

MTB hydration pack and hydration belt

The light and flexible running vests Strive 5 and 10 also function as MTB hydration packs if you add the hydration bladder Hydration Reservoir V 1L. The vests are made of breathable mesh and have several smart compartments.

If you’d rather use a hydration belt, there are two options. Flex Belt 10 is a hydration belt with a 1.5-litre bladder and 10-litre pack volume, while the Race Belt 4 series is a slimmer option with a 1.5-litre bladder and 4-litre pack volume.

Bike commuter backpack

Are you commuting by bike and need a backpack? Lap is a stylish black backpack with a computer compartment. The backpack is waterproof, has an ergonomic fit and is available in two sizes: Lap 18L for 13" laptops and Lap 25L for 15" laptops. Orbit is a durable and waterproof commuter backpack with a protective compartment for the computer. Orbit is available in grey and black with an 18- or 25-litre pack volume.

If you want an even lighter and more ergonomic commuting backpack, check out the Strive Mountain Pack with a 17+3 or 23+3 litre pack volume. The backpack is designed to improve the weight distribution between shoulders, back and waist.