All Silva binoculars are waterproof, light and flexible and help you navigate correctly over mountains and valleys - or at sea. Here you will find outdoor binoculars in weather-resistant material and compact design, and marine binoculars that are designed for boating and, among other things, float if they end up in the water.

Boat binoculars and marine binoculars

Silva's marine binoculars combine smart functions with stylish design and maximum comfort. The binoculars in the Eterna series are waterproof, float in water and have a signal yellow design to help you find them if they fall overboard. The binoculars have a porroprism design with high optics and a lot of light and also give you good night vision. Eterna Navigator also has a built-in compass that is battery-illuminated.

Binoculars for bird watching, hiking and outdoor activities

Our outdoor clickers in the Silva Pocket series are made of durable material that can withstand the weather, with a grippy rubber. Just as useful in bird watching as during the hike or the climb. The fine optics give you sharpness at long distances and come in 7 to 10x magnification depending on the model. Pocket 10X and Pocket 8X can both be easily folded together and, thanks to their light weight, are easy to take with you. If you want an even more compact pair of binoculars, choose the Pocket 7X monocular.