With Silva’s flexible and durable hiking poles, you improve your balance and posture while running on technical terrain, reduce the strain on your knees during longer hiking trips, or activate more muscles during your evening walks.

The hiking poles are ergonomically designed and foldable so you can easily pack them down and carry them when not in use. Among our poles you will also find walking poles in light aluminium, specifically designed for pole walking. The poles enable you to activate more muscles and increase your burn during the walk, and at the same time relieve your knees - a gentle form of exercise.

Here you will also find rod accessories such as rubber feet and rod tips so that you can replace worn or lost parts and get rods that work mile after mile.

Running poles for trail running

Silva’s running poles are made of 3K carbon and weighs from 352 grams. With easy Z-fold they are convenient to attach to your running vest or back pack when not used. The quick release glove is made of breathable material.

Hiking poles and trekking poles

Silva's hiking poles are ideal for mountain hiking, mountain climbing or forest walks. They are light and foldable, which means you can easily carry them in your hiking backpack. The poles have comfortable and stable cork and soft foam rubber handles with adjustable wrist straps for maximum comfort. All trekking poles can be adjusted up to 140 cm in length with a simple locking function in aluminum and they come with a handy storage bag.

Walking poles for active walks 

Silva's walking poles are made of high-quality aluminum, are durable over time and give you good support when you exercise. The wrist straps are designed like a glove, are easy to adjust and ensure that the poles feel stable in the hand even during brisk walks. The poles have ergonomic handles, cushioning rubber feet, concave pole tips and snowshoes.