Fishing and hunting

At Silva, you find fishing and hunting accessories such as compasses, binoculars, waterproof headlamps, cases, and dry bags.

Waterproof headlamp for fishing

Explore 4 is a durable and 100% waterproof 400-lumens headlamp that is optimal for fly fishing. It has three LED colours: white light, a red light that preserves night vision, and orange light for map reading. If you want a rechargeable headlamp, choose the Explore 4RC. Other models run on alkaline batteries.

We also have products that protect your gadgets from water. The Waterproof case protects your iPhone, and our dry bags ensure that your gear stays dry.

Compasses, headlamps and binoculars for hunting

The Epic 10 is a pair of waterproof binoculars for hunting with a 10x magnification. A price-worthy alternative is the flexible Pocket 10X.

The best headlamp for hunting is Exceed 4. This bright 2000-lumen headlamp has a good burn time and is water resistant. The headlamp is rechargeable with USB-C.

When the visibility is poor, or the phone lacks reception or battery, it’s good to bring a compass with you during the hunt. The Ranger compass is easy to handle, while the Expedition is more advanced with more features.

Headlamp for horse riding

Our headlamps for equestrians range from 400 to 2000 lumens. FREE 2000 lumens gives you a bright light when you want to go fast in the terrain. For slow-paced rides or in the stable, choose the 400-lumens headlamp Explore 4, which is waterproof and has a helmet mount.