Skidor och Snowboard

Skis and Snowboards


Skiing and snowboard

At Silva, you find headlamps for skiing, snowboarding and ski touring, as well as headlamps and hydration belts for cross-country skiing and roller skiing.

Headlamps for skiing and snowboarding

Action-packed snowboarding or skiing requires a headlamp with a strong light output. Spectra A's incredible 10,000 lumens turn night into day. Use the helmet mount to attach the headlamp to the helmet.

Another skiing headlamp option is the FREE 3000 with a powerful 3000 lumens light output. This modular headlamp can be combined with three batteries: 24 Wh (S), 36 Wh (M), and 72 Wh (L). For skiing and snowboarding, we recommend the powerful 72 Wh long-distance battery.

Headlamp for cross-country skiing and roller skiing

For cross-country skiing and roller skiing, opt for the modular FREE 1200 headlamp, which delivers 1200 lumens. This headlamp is used by the Swedish cross-country team and is also perfect for running. You can choose between three battery combinations: 14,4 Wh (XS), 24,1 Wh (S), and 36 Wh (M). We recommend the compact 36 Wh long-distance battery for longer sessions and the lightweight 24,1 Wh battery for shorter ones.

In winter, wear the headlamp on the headband, connect the extension cord and store the battery in a warm pocket to extend the burning time. When roller skiing, use the helmet mount to attach the headlamp to the helmet and attach the battery to your hydration belt.

Hydration belts for cross-country skiing

Here you find several hydration belt models, from thermo drink belts to hydration belts with tubes. The Swedish cross-country team uses Flow Belt 6 when training – a thermo drink belt with a 1.2-litre wattle bottle and 6 litres of packing. Buy a Flow Insulating Sleeve to ensure the liquid stays at the right temperature.

For long sessions, opt for the Flex Belt 10 with a generous 10-litres pack volume, 1.5-litre hydration bladder, insulated tube and smart pockets. For ski races, go for a Race Belt 4 – our slimmest hydration belt with easy-access pockets, anti-freeze tube and 1.5-litre hydration bladder.

Compass and headlamp for ski touring

FREE 200 is an optimal headlamp for ski touring, mountain biking and technical trail running. The headlamp boasts 2000 lumens and can be combined with three batteries. We recommend the powerful 72 Wh long-distance battery (L) or the compact 36 Wh battery (M).

Our ski-touring compasses include the easy-to-use Ranger S and the Expedition S for advanced users.