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Among our running lights you will find the popular Trail Runner Free series – a headlamp optimized for running because it is extremely light and has no annoying cords hanging down.

If you run in technical terrain and need even more light, our multi-lamps are a good choice. Choose between powerful Exceed 4R at 2000 lumens, Trail Speed 5R at 1200 lumens or Cross Trail 7R at 600 lumens. You can buy more headlamp accessories for the multi-lamps and use them for other sports such as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, mountain biking, cycling and peak touring.

Trail Runner Free – headlamps for running

Our absolute most flexible running headlamp is the Trail Runner Free. This is a lightweight torch where the lightest model weighs as little as 119 grams. Thanks to the fact that the power cable is integrated into the headband, you avoid disturbing cords - Trail Runner Free gives you a feeling of total freedom.

Trail Runner Free has a brightness of 400 lumens, which with the smart light pattern provides plenty of light during the run. You will both see where you put your feet and get strong lighting from a distance. 

The headlamp is rechargeable and has a hybrid case battery that allows you to use both hybrid batteries and alkaline batteries. 

Trail Runner Free comes in three models:

• Trail Runner Free Ultra with a rechargeable long-distance battery,

Trail Runner Free H with a rechargeable hybrid battery,
Trail Runner Free with 3xAAA batteries.

    EXCEED 4R – headlamp for orienteering and cross-country running

    Exceed 4R is our most powerful headlamp at 2000 lumens (2300 in boost mode) and has a  light and rechargeable 3.5 Ah battery. An optimal headlamp for cross-country running and night orienteering where the technical terrain requires a lot of light.

    Trail Speed 5R – headlamp for running & trail running

    Trail Speed 5R is a headlamp that combines 1200 lumens with a flexible, lightweight battery (2.0 Ah). This is the headlamp for trail runners who want plenty of light at a light weight.

    Cross Trail 7R – headlamp for running

    The Cross Trail 7R is a compact headlamp of 600 lumens with a lightweight 2.0 Ah battery. A really good choice for those who run in forest or urban environments.