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Among our running lights you will find the popular Trail Runner Free series – a headlamp optimized for running because it is extremely light and has no annoying cords hanging down.

Do you combine running with other activities? Check out the Silva Free series where you can choose between 1200, 2000 or 3000 lumen and several batteries, mount kits and accessories for cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and ski touring.

Trail Runner Free – headlamps for running

Trail Runner Free 2 is our most popular and most lightweight running headlamp. In the next generation, every part of the headlamp has been compressed and the Trail Runner Free 2 lamp unit only weighs 61 gram, and from 113 gram with batteries. The power cord is integrated into the headband, which gives you a comfortable headlamp experience without distracting cords or tangled wires. 

Trail Runner Free has a lumen output of up to 550 lumen, depending on model. The smart light pattern provides plenty of light, you will both see where you put your feet and get strong lighting from a distance. The headlamp is rechargeable and has a hybrid case battery that allows you to use both hybrid batteries and alkaline batteries.

Trail Runner Free 2 – three models

Trail Runner Free 2 comes in three models:

Trail Runner Free 2 Ultra: 550 lumen and a rechargeable 4.0 Ah (14.8 Wh) long-distance battery.

Trail Runner Free 2 Hybrid: 500 lumen and a rechargeable 1.25 Ah (4.6 Wh) hybrid battery.

Trail Runner Free 2: 450 lumen with hybrid battery case (batteries not included).

FREE 1200 XS/S/M – headlamp for running, trail running & cross-country skiing

FREE 12000 lumen is FREE 1200 lumen is the most compact head torch in the Free Series – a perfect head torch choice for road running, trail running and cross-country skiing. Choose FREE 1200 XS with the extra-lightweight 14,4 Wh battery if you want to optimise every gram. FREE 1200 S has a lightweight 24,1 Wh battery that combines great light and excellent burn time. For longer training sessions, choose FREE 1200 M with a 36 Wh long-distance battery, and place the battery in your running vest.

FREE 2000 S/M – headlamp for trail running, cycling, mountain biking and ski touring

FREE 2000 lumen gives you a bright light when you run trails, and can also be used for cycling, mountain biking and ski touring. Choose FREE 2000 S with the lightweight 24,1 Wh battery for shorter runs in technical terrain and wear the battery on your headband or place it in the running vest. For longer training sessions, choose FREE 2000 M with a 36 Wh long-distance battery and place the battery in your running vest.

FREE 3000 S – headlamp for shorter runs and orienteering in technical terrain 

With its 3000 lumen and lightweight 24,1 Wh battery, FREE 3000 S is a brilliant choice for shorter runs in technical terrain where you need lots of light. Place the battery in your running vest using the included extension cable.