Sailboat compasses

For almost a century, we at Silva have been developing compasses. Thanks to our long experience, intelligent engineering, professional collaborations and feedback from our users, we deliver sailing compasses that make your adventure at sea safer and navigation safer in all types of weather.

Common to all our sailboat compasses is durability and outstanding readability. We call it Silva quality: the compass body is made of scratch-resistant acrylic, the compass needle in sapphire and hardened steel provides fast and precise movements, the no-spin compass card provides an accurate reading. A sailboat compass from Silva performs at a high level and lasts for many years.

Sailboat compasses with heel compensation and gimbal-suspended rudders

Our sailboat compasses are optimized to cope with serious heeling and compensate for any pitching and rocking that occurs on open water. The boat compasses' high heeling angles of 30°-45° provide a stable chart in all conditions - the gimbal-suspended steering lines remain vertical even when the boat is heeling. In addition, the guide lines make it easy to read the direction from several angles.

Smart functions such as built-in compensator and lighting for night navigation

A smart feature of many of our sailing compasses is the built-in compensator that handles disturbances caused by magnetic fields. Another useful feature is the built-in lighting that gives you perfect night vision when navigating at night. The top models 125FTC and 125T also have an extended shadow stick in the center of the compass housing to help eliminate parallax errors.

Bulkhead mounting, flush compass or pedestal compass

In our wide range you will find boat compasses with different types of mounting. Choose a sailboat compass with bulkhead mounting on models 100B/H , 100P , 102B/H or 125B/H . If you prefer a flush compass with recessed mounting, the 125FTC is the right model for you. And if you want an even better overview, check out the pedestal compass 125T .