The Strive series



Get more out of your run with the products in the Strive range. The Strive Mountain Pack is the ergonomic running backpack designed for adventure races, mountain marathons and ultra-running. For long runs or runs, you get everything you need with you, including energy and fluids in the Strive Light Black running vest. For runs where you want to pack light, you can use the lightweight Strive Ultra Light running vest, or store your mobile phone and keys in the Strive Belt running belt during the run. 

All our running backpacks, running vests and running belts have an ergonomic design to stay in place during the activity. The material is weather resistant, has ventilating mesh parts and can be hand washed.

Strive Ultra Light

Strive Ultra Light is the lightest and most flexible running vest from Silva. This running vest is made of thin mesh that provides good ventilation, and weighs only 139 grams. The Strive Ultra Light running vest has four front pockets that hold soft water bottles, gels and bars. On the side of the vest are two pockets  for the phone, cap, compass or gloves. The pocket on the back holds a jacket or headlamp battery.

Strive Mountain Pack

The Strive Mountain Pack is a larger running backpack that comes in two sizes: 17+3 and 23+3. This running backpack is perfect for adventure races, mountain marathons or ultra-running. The running backpack has the Silva Embrace System, a carrying system that keeps the backpack in place when you run and distributes the weight evenly. The Strive Mountain Pack is a water-resistant backpack that dries quickly and has several smart pockets and features.

Strive Light Black running vest

Strive Light Black is the perfect runner's friend - especially for trail runners or mountain runners. The running vest's smart pockets allow you to bring everything you need: gels, bars, keys, mobile phone, gloves, jacket, headlamp battery and running poles. The running vest comes with two soft flasks that are placed in the front, and you can also buy a hydration bladder to carry on the back. Strive Light Black is available in three sizes and with 5 or 10 liter packing volume.

Strive belt running belt for mobile

Take your phone, keys, gels and bars with you in the Strive belt waist bag . Thanks to an elastic pocket, this running belt can hold larger smartphones and keys are kept in place with the key hook. Strive belt is available in black and turquoise model with reflective details for increased visibility in the dark.