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Cake puts a stop to poaching in Africa

Swedish company Cake's electric motorcycles will help the Southern African Wildlife College put an end to poaching. We are incredibly proud to be a partner to Cake and deliver Exceed lights to the electric motorcycles.

Poaching of wild animals in Africa is one of the main reasons why many species are at risk of extinction. The Southern African Wildlife College's team has previously patrolled the parks using gasoline-powered motorcycles that were so loud that poachers could hear them from several miles away. In addition, the fuel has a poor environmental impact, especially when it needs to be delivered over long distances by helicopters and trucks.

The electric motorcycle Kalk AP is silent and powered by the sun.

Together with the Southern African Wildlife College, the Swedish company Cake has developed an electric motorcycle specifically designed for anti-poaching - the Kalk AP (AP = Anti-Poaching). The electric motorcycle is quiet, making it easier for the patrols to sneak up on poachers without being detected themselves. The Kalk AP is also powered by solar energy and can be charged up in the wilderness.

Equipped with Silva Exceed

The electric motorcycles are equipped with Silva Exceed lights that help the anti-poaching patrol to detect poachers and illegal traps at night.