Silva terra

Our contribution to the future

Silva's step forward

Terra is a step towards a brighter and more sustainable future. Smarter innovations together with the well-known and successful concept REUSE > REDUCE > RECYCLE are part of Silva's strategy going forward. Step by step, product by product.

Make a sustainable choice with the Terra series

Terra means "earth" in Latin and products from Silva with the Terra name are more sustainable and developed to have less environmental impact. The first Terra products launched in 2022: the Terra Scout headlamps and the waterproof Terra dry bags. In the spring of 2023 two more Terra products were presented: Terra Rain covers and the sighting compasses Terra Expedition S, Terra Ranger S and Terra Ranger SL. These are based on existing popular products that have been developed with sustainable materials and production methods.


The new sighting compasses Terra Expedition S, Terra Ranger S and Terra Ranger SL, are adventure compasses made of recycled material with up to 90% lower CO2 emissions, where either the lid, graduation ring or base plate are made of REVO material produced by the Swedish company Trifilon. The Revo material consists of recycled polymers mixed with plant fibers from hemp and has up to 90% lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to ordinary plastic. The Revo material has not been dyed in the Terra series, which means that each product has a unique appearance.

3 benchmarks

1. Compass with mirror, perfect for finding direction over long distances in open terrain.
2. Luminous markings for night navigation.
Recycled REVO material with up to 90% lower CO2 emissions.


The Ranger range is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers – everything from hikers and hunters to climbers. The compasses in the Expedition series instead suit those who need more advanced use and have tilt cards. Both series come in several models with different features such as global needle and mirror (sighting compass).


By putting the Terra Rain Cover over your backpack, you ensure that the pack stays dry. The rain cover is made of 100% undyed and recycled material, has a low weight, and comes in three different sizes: S, M, and L.

3 highlights

1. Durable and light material.
2. Protects your pack and equipment from rain.
100% recycled PET material.

CHOOSE YOUR Terra Rain Cover

Take your Terra Rain Cover with you on a hike, summit tour, or your daily bike commute.

Terra Rain Cover

"I have worked with Silva for many years and really enjoy the ambassadorial role. We share our Swedish origins! When I run I always recommend the Trail Runner Free headlamp but I am so happy with the new Terra Scout and the smart and durable material choices. I will use the Terra Scout for easier trails, when I walk my dog ​​and when I mess around in the garden in the evenings."

/ Emelie Forsberg, ultra runner & ski alpinist


The Terra Scout headlamp is made from recycled plastic and hemp fiber, making it a more durable, lightweight, and useful headlamp designed for everyday activities.


1. Silva Intelligent Light optimizes the light image through focused distance light that shines far and wide-angle light that illuminates near.
2. Two LED colors, white and red, where the red light in the headlamp allows you to read the map in the dark.
3. Terra Scout is water resistant according to IPX5, which means that the lamps can withstand heavy rain.
4. Wide and partially rubberized headband that sits comfortably on the head.


The Terra Scout headlamp is your everyday companion that accompanies you on evening outings, dog walks, serves as an emergency light in the car, or perhaps your most important tool to have near the tent site. The lamp is easy to use with a large on/off button and has a long burning time that lasts for several days.


"There are many headlamps, but no headlamp like the Terra Scout, which is so uncompromisingly designed with a sustainable mindset. The materials are reused and the headlamp is also incredibly light."

/ Andi Spies, ISPO AWARDS Jury


Terra Dry Bags are light, durable and made from 100% recycled PET material. In addition, we have minimized inking and printing to further reduce the climate footprint.


1. Simple roll closure that ensures your stuff stays dry.
2. Waterproof.
3. Durable lightweight material.
4. Available in 5 different, color-coordinated sizes.


Pack clothes and other equipment you want to protect a little extra in a waterproof dry bag in your backpack, kayak or sailboat. Available in 5 different sizes.