Emelie Forsberg

Multiple world champion in sky running

For Emelie, running started as a hobby, but she has made it to the top both on the mountain and on the podium. She won gold in Trofeo, China, 2016 and WC gold in ski mountaineering in 2016 and WC silver in 2017. With her achievements and appreciated personality, she is a role model for many in sky running and ski mountaineering, both exercisers and professional athletes.

Emelie has been part of the Silva family since 2017.

UltraSky Marathon World Champion
Multiple WC medalist in ski alpinism
Co-founder of Moonvalley

Emelie Forsberg


What type of exercise do you like best?
Hmm, there are so many! I love long training sessions in the mountains but also appreciate short and tough interval sessions. The charm lies in the contrasts.

How do you exercise during the dark season?
I like to train in the dark. It's only dark a few months a year and it's a special feeling to put on my headlamp and go out. Sometimes I experience resistance but I always feel so satisfied afterwards. With a headlamp you can always train.

What should you think about if you want to start with one of the sports you practice?
Skyrunning is the most rewarding activity I know, and thanks to the mountain huts Sweden, it's easy to run between them - pack a change and start! If you want to try ski alpinism, I recommend trying it with someone who is a little more experienced, there are risks that you should be aware of such as avalanches and irregular snow layers.

How do you find the strength to continue despite the body screaming no?
If I know it's something I really want, I just do it. After a while it becomes natural to continue. I was exhausted a while ago and was so tired that I lost everything. The road back was long but I knew I'd make it and now I'm back, stronger than ever.

What is your favorite product from Silva?
I love the amazing light in the Trail Speed series. It's magical to run with when it's dark outside.

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