Norwegian cross country team

Optimizes and extends training sessions

We are very proud to have been selected as suppliers of headlamps to the Norwegian cross-country team. Our headlamps help the whole team to optimize and extend training sessions. With skiers like Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, Emil Iversen, Hans-Christer Holund, Martin Jonsrud Sundby, Ragnhild Haga, Ingvild Flugstad østberg, Heidi Weng and Therese Johaug, this is the world's most exceptional cross country team.

The Norwegian cross-country team has been part of the Silva family since 2013.



Why did you choose Silva as a supplier?
Silva has the widest and best range of products on the market, so for us it's an easy choice to choose Silva year after year.

What is your favorite cross-country skiing destination?
My favorite destinations are places that I have been to before and that I have fond memories of. Davos in Switzerland is one of my favorites. I feel it in my whole body when I'm in Davis, it's like boozing. The team trains at the same places throughout the year, so each athlete has their favorite places that they return to regularly and it is usually about favorite slopes or terrain. So it's probably not about the place itself, but more about the memories and experiences from there. It's amazing that we have the opportunity to live and exercise so much outdoors. Nature is our partner, it is magical.

Do you have any tips for training in the dark?
Take care of your equipment. Make sure it's up to date and you have the battery and burn time you need for what you're going to do. Use a reflective vest and preferably lights so you can be seen from behind. If you are skiing or running in the forest, try to use as little light as possible and feel the nature and silence around you. If you are a group exercising, it may be enough for the first and last person in the group to have the light on. With a headlamp, you don't need illuminated tracks, you can train exactly where you want.

What is your favorite product from Silva?
Our steers and our athletes have different light needs so the product of choice depends on what they will be doing and where they are. Some of the athletes want the lightest headlamps and think that "less is more", but when they go on a long run, they prefer a headlamp with a longer battery life. Thanks to the fact that we can choose between all the different models from Silva, there is always a favorite for everyone.

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