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Get the most out of your Spectra

Spectra by Silva is the result of advanced engineering. There are crucial factors that affect how much light you get out of a headlamp, and also for how long. Once you understand how it works, you will have more control over your Spectra.


The battery that comes with Spectra has been rigorously tested on Swedish national team orienteers who are ruthlessly fast when they run on unpaved terrain, also in the dark. They use the lamp's maximum light for up to two hours, and depend on the equipment to perform as reliably as they do. There is no room for doubt when you are the best in the world.

Just as flexible for you as for WC medalists

The batteries for Silva's headlamps consist of cells that are put together in different formations. Spectra's battery consists of eight loose cells placed in a row so that the battery is thin and flexible to run with. With the Spectra Vest, the battery is kept in place whether you are a World Cup medalist in orienteering or trail running to chase qom on Strava. The vest is also suitable for those who ride enduro, snowmobile, ski or mountain bike.

How long does SILVA Spectra light up ?

How long the battery lights up your Spectra depends on which light mode you use and the temperature of the environment in which you use the lamp. If you have the battery stored superficially when driving a snowmobile in -20 degrees, you can use all 10,000 lumens for an hour. With slightly less light, and 20 plus degrees in the air when you run or cycle, you can use the lamp for upwards of three hours with the same battery.

Simply explained about burning time

Silva uses the American lighting standard ANSI to calculate burn time. The burning time measures the time it takes from when the light is switched on until the light reaches 10% of the starting value. A headlamp that has 1000 lumens and a three hour burn time will give you 100 lumens after those three hours, according to ANSI.

The burning time is not static. It is affected by various factors:

• If the lamp is operated at the minimum or maximum possible capacity
• How big the battery is
• The temperature of the environment you are staying in
• Wind - and speed wind, because the lamp needs to be cooled down

Dual Connection for double burning time

To make it easy for you to maximize the light for a long time, your Spectra is equipped with a Dual Connection. This means that you can have two batteries connected to the headlamp, for twice as long burning time. We have not compromised anywhere in the design and function of Spectra, and neither should you.



Find out how to use your Spectra in the smartest way to maximize the adrenaline. This is a lamp that likes full speed, just like you.


Strong headlamps get very hot, so the lamp needs a strong wind to cool it down. If the cold is not enough, your Spectra ensures that the light dims down automatically, it is the lamp's own way of not getting overheated. The automatically lower light will make your battery last longer, because you are not using the lamp's maximum power.

If it's cold outside, or if you keep full speed so that the lamp cools down effectively, you will get the most light possible. This means that the burning time will be shorter because brighter lights require more of the battery.

Use the headlamp smartly

A practical way to optimize the use of light and maximum burn time is to adjust the amount of light depending on what you actually need. If you go to the top of the mountain, you don't need maximum light mode. Spectra has four different light modes, choose one of the lower ones! Increase the power of the lamp when you go downhill, this is when you want the most light possible. In addition, the cold and high winds mean that your Spectra can deliver 10,000 lumens to you.

If you use Spectra in +20 degrees, or maybe even hotter, the lamp will not give you 10,000 lumens when standing still. It needs cooling to perform, and you need more speed for a full adrenaline rush. Spectra is made for action sports!

Always in full control of the battery level

The battery has five LEDs that show the remaining level. The level is easy to read at home by turning on the lamp. The LEDs light up for 20 seconds. You can also read the level directly on the remote control when you use your Spectra and have the battery out of reach. In this way, you always have an overview of the situation.

If the battery gets cold, the capacity drops. Therefore, you should store the battery in the vest close to the body, or in a backpack, when using Spectra in the cold. A cooled battery can reduce the total capacity by between 10-30%. Place the battery smartly!


When you are not using your Spectra, we recommend that you store your battery with a 30% charge, this is optimal for the battery in terms of both safety and the slow discharge that always occurs in lithium batteries over time.

Pay attention that the battery should not be stored above 60 degrees. Therefore, the battery should not be left in a car in the summer when the sun is hot.

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