Looking for a headlamp for MTB, night orienteering, peak touring or skiing? The Exceed series are our most powerful headlamps, designed for high-speed activities in technical terrain. All Exceed headlamps are water resistant according to the IPX5 standard and have a bright light of 2000 lumens with a boost mode of a whopping 2300 lumens. Exceed has a smart power saving mode, battery level indicator and a large on/off button so you don't have to take off your gloves. 

Exceed is available in three models with different accessories and batteries:

Exceed 4XT – headlamp for mountain biking, top touring and skiing

Exceed 4XT is our most powerful headlamp both in terms of brightness and battery burn time. The headlamp has a rechargeable 10.5 Ah battery – a powerful long-distance battery that lasts 60 hours at the lowest setting and 12 at the highest. The Exceed 4XT comes with five accessories: helmet mount for headlamp, mount for bicycle handlebars, extension cord, cable guides and velcro for the battery.

EXCEED 4X – headlamp for MTB, trail running, cross-country skiing

Like the 4XT, the Exceed 4X headlamp also provides 2000 lumens, but has a 7.0 Ah battery – still powerful but slightly easier to carry around. Perfect for those who want a strong headlamp for cross-country skiing, trail cycling or trail running. Exceed 4X has five accessories: battery holder for the headband, helmet mount for headlamp, extension cable, cable holder and strap that provides extra support on the head. 

EXCEED 4R – headlamp for orienteering and trail running

Exceed 4R (R for run) combines powerful brightness with a lightweight and rechargeable 3.5 Ah battery, making this headlamp optimal for runners. It has two accessories: a battery holder for the headband and a cable holder for the extension cord.