The Silvastipendiet Care More for environment, inclusion & gender equality in orienteering.

Every autumn, Silva, together with the Swedish Orienteering Federation, awards the Silvastipendiet Care More scholarship to an individual or association that has done something extraordinary for the environment, inclusion, or gender equality within the sport of orienteering.

Previously, Silvastipendiet was linked to performance and results, but in 2019, the focus shifted from elite to "Care more," which is in line with Silva's long-term sustainability strategy. Nowadays, those who work to protect fellow human beings and our planet in the sport of orienteering are rewarded. By highlighting good role models, we hope to inspire and motivate more people in the sport of orienteering to focus on these areas.

Anyone can nominate a person or organization that has done something extra for the environment, inclusion, or gender equality in orienteering at the beginning of the autumn. At the end of the autumn, the Silvastiftelsens board selects who will receive the scholarship of SEK 25,000.

SILVA CARE MORE AWARD 2023: Therese Wikström

The Silva Care More Award 2023 goes to Therese Wikström, Sävedalens AIK. With great heart and compassion, Therese has helped the club's Ukrainian runners build their new lives in Sweden by raising money, opening up her and her clubmates' homes, assisting the runners in job and housing searches, and providing support in dealings with authorities.

Therese Wikström

Sävedalens AIK

Tell us more about Sävedalens AIK’s support for the Ukrainian runners.
– I am the contact person for the club's foreign runners, and many of them run for the Ukrainian national team. When the war broke out, we first raised money with help from other clubs. Then we helped the runners to come to Sweden. They stayed in our homes, and we helped them find jobs and housing. Since I am a teacher in Swedish as a second language and have been working with newcomers since 2015, I have had a lot of contact with the Migration Agency. This has allowed me to assist with all the documents that need to be submitted, and I have also been able to provide the Ukrainian runners with material to learn the language.

What effects has your commitment yielded?
– By helping the club's Ukrainian runners, we have come closer to each other. Sticking together in adversity has made our community stronger. It feels good to do something concrete together. We also run relays with the Ukrainian flag on our jerseys to show our support, so that the war is not forgotten. Other clubs and Swedish orienteering overall have shown great compassion for Ukraine.

How come you started orienteering?
– I tagged along with some friends in my primary school class and it was a lot of fun. Eventually, my dad also started orienteering, and later on, I met my husband who comes from an orienteering family. Nowadays, we and our families travel together to many competitions in our caravan, which is very nice. And for the past 10 years, I have been the coach for the elite women, and my husband for the elite men.

What do you love about orienteering?
– I have always enjoyed being in the forest, but I didn't come to appreciate running until adulthood. I like that it's not just about running fast; you also have to read the map. And I like that there is always room for improvement when learning all skills and techniques.

What do you do when you're not orienteering?
– I work as a teacher in Swedish, English, and Swedish as a second language at the junior high school level, and I am currently studying to become a special education teacher focusing on reading, writing, and language development. My free time is mainly devoted to endurance training – I have completed the Swedish Classic and do some cross-country skiing. I also sing in a gospel choir.

Previous recipients of Silva care more Award


Marie Ohlsson (left), OK Storsjön, who has opened up the orienteering community to even more inclusivity by welcoming people with intellectual disabilities into the club's activities and taking the initiative to create a new class for them at the O-Ringen event.


David Hector, Snättringe SK, who at the age of 18, started the kids summer camp Huddinge Wild Cam, and also arranged the popular Stockholm Indoor Cup.


Jefta Langerak, Järfälla OK and Anna-Lena Svensson & Lars Melander, Lidköpings Vintersportklubb


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