Multi-activity headlamps

Our most dynamic headlamps

The multi-activity headlamps are made for you who practice many different types of outdoor activities. They are modular and feature our strongest light output along with our most powerful batteries.

Cross Trail

The Cross Trail series are our entry level multi-activity headlamps with a 600 lumen light output ideal for running, xc-skiing, commuting and easy mountain biking.

• 600 True lumen
• Modular attachments
• Weight with battery from: 163g

Trail Speed

Trail Speed is the ultimate headlamp if you are looking for a powerful yet small and lightweight headlamp. This is the preferred choice for endurance athletes.

• 1200 True lumen
• Modular attachments
• Weight with battery from: 171g


With the Exceed series you get our most powerful headlamps with the greatest light output. Ideal for demanding activities like downhill skiing, biking and night orienteering.

• 2000 True lumen (Boost 2300 lm)
• Modular attachments
• Weight with battery from: 258g

When you demand more flexibility

The multi-activity headlamps are built for flexible usage and all of them include multiple attachment options. This means that they can easily be detached from the headband and snapped on to your handle bar, running vest or helmet.

Thanks to the included extension cord you can also fasten the battery on your bike frame or keep it in your pocket. By keeping the battery warm you also prolong its usage when it is cold outside.

Silva Flow Light

Developed for multi-activity users and a standard feature at every multi-activity headlamp, it enable seamless tuning of the light image for different activities by simply tilting the light up or down.

When pointed downwards, the light beam becomes wider and optimized for slower activities. Pointed forward, the light beam gets longer and optimised for faster activities.

Silva Intelligent Light

The Silva Intelligent Light technology is a double light beam technology featured in all Silva headlamps. The unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood-light results in less head movement, better control, improved balance, less fatigue and higher speed.

Unleash you spontaneity

No matter which family of multi-activity headlamps you choose, they all give you the possibility to be spontaneous.

Cross Trail

Cross Trail gives you a lot of bang for the buck. With a steady light output at 600 True Lumen and available attachments for helmet and bike bars you will be good to go in no-time.

More than running

Go further with Cross Trail

Cross Trail is a lightweight and comfortable headlamp series for those who enjoy running, biking and XC-skiing. The series consist of two different headlamps, they share the same light unit and features – what differs is the battery and included accessories.

Cross Trail 7R
Cross Trail 7R is ideal for runners who want an all-round headlamp. The R stands for Run and with this model, you get the compact and flexible Cross Trail headlamp together with the lightweight 2.0Ah battery. The battery weighs only 85 grams but will still give you extensive burn time on your daily runs. Cross Trail 7R includes two accessories, a battery holder for the headband and a cable guide.

Cross Trail 7XT
If you plan to use your headlamp on a more regular basis, go with Cross Trail 7XT instead. It is made for the true ‘all-round’ outdoor sports enthusiast. It comes with a slim yet powerful rechargeable 3.5 Ah battery, and no less than six accessories for different attachment options and additional comfort. The combination of excellent burn time and flexible attachment options makes this compact headlamp the ideal choice for running, xc-skiing, biking, or technical hiking.

Trail Speed

Trail Speed is a powerful, yet lightweight headlamp series. With 1200 True Lumen and a perfect weight distribution, this is the recommended choice for athletes and pulse lovers.

The Athletes choice

Lightweight – yet powerful

Trail Speed is a lightweight and very powerful headlamp series. It is the preferred choice for athletes and pulse lovers who values a strong light output without having to compromise on the weight. The series comes in three different versions that shares the same light unit, but the batteries and included accessories differ.

Trail Speed 5R
Trail Speed 5R features a slim and lightweight 2.0Ah battery. The R stands for Run and this is the ultimate headlamp for runners who want to optimize every gram while maintaining a strong light output. The headlamp unit and battery combined weighs only 171 grams and it includes two accessories, a battery holder for the headband and a cable guide.

Trail Speed 5X
Trail Speed 5X is features a slim and rechargeable 3.5Ah battery, a perfect mix of weight optimization and enabling extensive training sessions. This model comes with four accessories for additional comfort and for different attachment options on your helmet or headband. This makes Trail Speed 5X the perfect combination for quick morning runs and more demanding adventures.

Trail Speed 5XT
Trail Speed 5XT features a powerful long-distance 7.0Ah battery for extensive training sessions and adventures. This model comes with no less than seven accessories for additional comfort and for different attachment options on your bike, helmet, or headband. Trail Speed 5XT is the perfect choice for extensive mountain biking, ski touring or longer training sessions in demanding terrain.


Exceed is our most powerful headlamp series with an astonishing 2200 True Lumen output through its boost mode. When only the best is good enough – go with Exceed.

The ultimate headlamp

When speed is everything

When you love the adrenaline rush of going so fast that you are on the edge of losing control, then Exceed is the headlamp series for you. It is lightweight enough for sports like mountain biking and downhill skiing, and powerful enough to not only keep up with you – but allows you to go even faster. It comes in three different versions that share the same light unit, the difference lies in the batteries and included accessories.

Exceed 4R
Exceed 4R gives you our most powerful headlamp combined with a lightweight 3.5Ah battery. Exceed 4R is the perfect choice for running or high-speed night orienteering in technical terrain and demanding conditions. It has 2 accessories included and the headlamp unit including the battery weighs only 258 grams but still features 2000 true lumen.

Exceed 4X
Exceed 4X has a combination of a powerful, yet lightweight, 7.0Ah battery enabling high speed activities in demanding terrain as well as long-distance trail running or night orienteering. It is a robust and solid headlamp weighing 364g including the battery. It also includes 5 accessories for additional support and multi-activity use.

Exceed 4XT
Exceed 4XT is our most powerful headlamp, both in terms of light output and battery burn time. It features a 10.5Ah battery for extensive burn time, and no less than 5 accessories for different attachment options and improved comfort. Among them a new, robust, and stable bar mount attachment for your bike. Exceed 4XT is the perfect choice for mountain biking, skiing and longer training sessions in demanding terrain or weather.

Batteries and Accessories

All multi-activity headlamps share the same connection – the Silva rectangular plug. This gives you the freedom to complement your headlamp with a lighter or more powerful battery depending on your future needs. We also recommend the Headlamp Battery Charger for up to 4x faster charging compared to standard USB – and the nifty USB Charge Adaptor turns your headlamp battery into a power bank.