Choose the right gear
for your activity

Flexible – just like your activities

No matter if you are hiking in the mountains, commuting by bike to work or run through a rainstorm, we have got you covered with running vests, packs and waterproof backpacks.

Pack for commuting

Bring a laptop, lunch box and running shoes in your Silva

Pack for hiking

Bring storm kitchen, binoculars and first aid kit in your Silva

Pack for running

Bring windjacket, gloves and energy bars in your Silva

Pack for XC skiing

Bring a headlamp, extra jacket and ski vax in your Silva

Pack for kayaking

Bring your sleeping bag, kayak compass and extra clothes in your Silva


Find the right running vest, pack or belt for you

Pack for running

When you're going out for a run, it's important to pack lightly and properly in a belt, vest or backpack with access to everything you need, even when you're in the middle of a run.

Our philosophy

The backpacks and vests from Silva are designed for movement and adventure