Our philosophy

Simplicity, above all

Designed for adventure

The backpacks and vests from Silva are designed for movement and adventure, intended to be used frequently and often. Above all, they are designed to be easy to use. All details, pockets, and features are developed to be flexible and make packing easier. Our products should help you move comfortably, pack waterproof, and withstand frequent use.

Comfortable and intuitive

A backpack or vest from Silva sits comfortably on the body even when it is well-stocked with what you need and you are moving at full speed forward. Thanks to our ambassadors and athletes, we receive valuable feedback so that we can constantly develop our products.

Lightweight and durable

Our products are used for both everyday adventures and grand experiences. Run fast and far with our running vests, pack waterproof on the boat with our dry bags, cycle or ski with our hydration belts. The material choices are tailored to the activity for which the bag is designed, which means, for example, that our dry bags are durable and our running vests are breathable with optimal moisture transport.


With our products, you can pack waterproof and keep your belongings in dry and safe storage. Choose a dry bag in the size you need to keep away both dirt and moisture or put on your backpack without having to worry about nasty weather.

Pack for running

When you're going out for a run, it's important to pack lightly and properly in a belt, vest or backpack with access to everything you need, even when you're in the middle of a run.

Our philosophy

The backpacks and vests from Silva are designed for movement and adventure

Pack right for your activity

What should you pack, how should you pack and what should you pack in for different activities? Find the right one among our durable backpacks and waterproof bags.