Our headlamp philosophy

Designed for movement – ​​when technology meets ease of use

A different way of thinking

Our philosophy is different from others. Instead of focusing solely on technology, we would like to understand the user's behavior. We think it's important to understand how the human body moves, how it sees, how it breathes, reacts – even sweats. That knowledge, together with the best technology, forms the basis of the perfect headlamp.

A part of you

All our products are designed to become part of your body in the dark and so that you can do everything you want even when the sun has gone down and regardless of the weather, terrain or temperature.

The reason for this is simple. When you are out in the dark, your headlamp should follow your movements and heighten your senses. It gives you a sense of freedom and it helps you react faster.

Our goal is to create headlamps that feel like a natural part of the body, that are well balanced and that feel comfortable when you use them. Our headlamps withstand both water, weather and sweat.

For several decades, we have worked to develop equipment for active people; true enthusiasts who demand the very best equipment. We have a wide range of headlamps for all your activities and preferences.

8 important principles

Our headlamps are designed to be as light and flexible as possible. We always strive to find the perfect balance between weight, durability, comfort and lumens (brightness) for each individual activity.

In order to produce high-quality headlamps, we take more aspects into account than just lumens. Eight pieces to be exact.

1. Convenience

We want our headlamps to be comfortable and that's why the headband is important. The headband should fit well without feeling too tight. Our headlamps have silicone on the inside so that it sits well on the head and a battery holder that is attached to a plate on the back of the head that ensures good stability.

2. Light

We make headlamps that have several light modes developed based on how the human eye behaves in the dark. The best light is not always the most light. Sometimes you need more light near your feet. In other situations, a focused distance light is more useful. On several of our lamps, you can choose red, yellow or white light so that you can optimize your night vision.

3. Temperature

The outdoor temperature is a decisive factor for the battery's burn time. The colder it is, the less the battery's capacity. Our headlamps have the SILVA Connection System, which means you can easily change the battery, and our multilamps come with an extension cord so you can store the battery close to your body.

4. Burning time

The more light (lumen) you want, the more powerful battery you need to bring with you. If you want to use your headlamp for shorter runs, a fairly small battery is enough. But if you're going to be out for a long time, it's better to choose a headlamp that you can change the batteries on.

5. Focus

There have been studies that show that a wider field of vision is perceived as more pleasant to the eye. We have taken note of this and therefore the optics in our headlamps are designed to avoid tunnel vision and sharp contrasts. The light is also specially developed to have a smooth transition to darkness.

6. Terrain

Your intended terrain also determines which headlamp is best for you. If you mostly move on asphalt and on easier paths, you need less light (lower lumens) than if you are going out on technical terrain. The more demanding the terrain, the more light (higher lumens) you want to be able to see any obstacles in front of your feet.

7. Speed

Different activities mean different speeds and require different types of light and lighting. When you run, you want wide-angle lights close to your feet. When you're riding your bike, you want a distance light to see what's ahead on the trail.

8. Activity

Some of our headlamps are made for several activities, we call them multi-lamps. You can easily move these lights between your headband, your helmet or bicycle handlebars and thus use them for many different sports and needs.


The headlamp is important for your safety and there is no room for compromise. All our headlamps with associated batteries have to prove themselves in their reliability and durability despite harsh Scandinavian weather.


The battery indicator simply shows how much battery you have left. Available in several variants with different numbers of steps on the indicator – the larger and more powerful the battery, the more steps there are on the battery indicator.


When the battery starts flashing and chooses to go into reserve mode, you will be alerted that you have 15% battery life left. The function ensures light for another hour before the battery runs out.


Like the headlamps, our batteries are dust and waterproof. IPX5 means that the battery can withstand heavy rain and harsh weather, while IPX7 means that the battery can be in 1 meter deep water for up to 30 minutes.

A perfect balance

Technology and human complexity

At Silva, our focus is to understand you as a user. By studying the human body, we learn how to optimize our headlamps for different activities so that we can offer you high-tech products.

Our headlamp philosophy

We have been around since the 1930s and with all the experience we have learned a lot about headlamps. This is how we think when we design our headlamps.

Our different models

When you're out in the dark, we want your headlamp to feel like a natural part of yourself. Here is an overview of our different headlamps.

Advantages of Silva's light

The optics in all our headlamps have Silva Intelligent Light, which optimizes the light image, all multilamps also have the flexibility of Silva Flow Light.