Our different models

We help you find the right light for your needs

The right light

We know; sometimes the sunrise feels too late and the sunset too early. But don't let the darkness stop you from doing what you long for most. Find your headlamp and keep doing what you love no matter the time of day.

The different models

Need help finding your ultimate headlamp? We have many different models that are suitable for different activities and preferences. Start by deciding what you will use it for, the terrain it will light up and how long per occasion you want it to light up.

Based on your wishes, we can recommend the headlamp that suits you best.

free series

When we designed the Free headlamp we wanted to create more out of less. Less hassle, less heat, less complexity. We made many new innovations out of the challenge and the result is the all new Silva Free headlamp. We have removed everything that was unnecessary and made everything that was great even greater. Silva Free is a headlamp with more comfort, more light and more flexibility. A global innovation with a greater use and more freedom.


Extreme sports require an extreme headlamp. With its powerful light of 10,000 lumens, Spectra turns night into day and gives you more training hours, more dedication, higher speed and more adrenaline. Spectra is available in two models: Spectra A, designed for action sports such as skiing, MTB, enduro and snowmobiling, and Spectra O for night orienteering and trail running. A headlamp that helps you challenge your limits.

Trail Runner free

Running means different things to different people. You can run to keep fit, to win medals or for community and charity. Maybe you run towards a goal, because you love the feeling or to relax and de-stress. Trail Runner is the headlamp for you who run, regardless of your reason.

Cross Trail

Cross Trail is an ultimate headlamp that fits a lot; running, cycling and cross-country skiing. You can wear this headlamp on your head, on your helmet or on your bicycle handlebars. In addition, the battery has a generous burning time. Cross Trail 5 Ultra is the official headlamp for Nattvasan and is recommended by Vasaloppet.


Explore is made for adventures on land and at sea. Explore, discover and adventure. If you love to climb, kayak, hike or enjoy other adventures, you can be sure that Explore is for you.


Scout is the perfect companion on hikes, camping trips and outdoor adventures. Maybe you need to be able to read a map in the dark, maybe you plan to be out for several days. Scout can be used with Silva's rechargeable hybrid battery and alkaline batteries. Choose a Scout and pack for your adventure.


Find your headlamp

When you're out in the dark, we want your headlamp to feel like a natural part of yourself.

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Our headlamp philosophy

We have been around since the 1930s and with all the experience we have learned a lot about headlamps. This is how we think when we design our headlamps.

Our different models

When you're out in the dark, we want your headlamp to feel like a natural part of yourself. Here is an overview of our different headlamps.

Advantages of Silva's light

The optics in all our headlamps have Silva Intelligent Light, which optimizes the light image, all multilamps also have the flexibility of Silva Flow Light.