The Swedish cross-country team

A team full of stars

We are very proud to have been selected as suppliers of headlamps to the Swedish cross-country team. Our headlamps help the whole team to optimize and extend training sessions. With skaters such as Charlotte Kalla, Linn Svahn, Frida Karlsson, Jonna Sundling, Ebba Andersson, Calle Halfvarsson, Jens Burman and Johan Häggström, this is one of the world's most impressive cross country teams.

The Swedish cross-country team has been part of the Silva family since 2020. The Swedish cross-country team has been using headlamps from Silva since 2013. By using headlamps, they can extend and improve their training sessions.

Anders Södergren

sponsor coach and former national team skater

Why did you choose Silva as a supplier to the Swedish cross-country team?
Silva and Swedish cross-country skiing have long traditions together. In the end, it is the details that determine how the medals will be distributed. Silva stands for quality and that is something that the goal-oriented skiers appreciate.

How are the products used by skaters and coaches?
From late summer when the dark evenings and early mornings come, the headlamp is a dear friend of both active and leaders. The headlamps are used for all types of training and are adapted with various accessories for the purpose. For the herding team, it is invaluable as they are out early in the morning preparing the skis for the skiers.

How do the athletes train during the dark season? During the bare ground period, the skiers clearly mostly practice roller skiing and running, but cycling, paddling and strength training, strength training and other types of endurance training are regular elements of everyday life.

How does the team train during the competition season?
During the competition season, the focus is of course on being in shape for the weekend's competitions. Two days a week are mostly spent travelling. Mostly Mondays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays, a quieter distance workout in the morning and a strength workout or another distance workout in the afternoon. Wednesday speed session in the morning and possibly a strength session in the afternoon. Friday, the day before the competition, is mostly spent testing the course and testing skis. Usually a little race-preparatory speed moves at selected places on the course. Then it is full throttle that applies on the competition days.

What's your best tip for training in the dark?
Of course, you should make sure that you have charged the battery sufficiently and choose the battery size as needed. If you are going out on a shorter trip, it is unnecessary to lug a large, heavy battery, but perhaps a small one that you can keep on the main stand will suffice. Please have two batteries. You can always have a larger one and a slightly smaller one as a spare in case the pass is longer than expected.

What difference do the products from Silva make for the Swedish cross-country team?
Thanks to the headlamps, the riders are not limited to training in daylight or on electric light loops, but can choose the tracks they want. They can then choose the best conditions regardless of the time of day. Riding with a headlamp in the dark is also a special and wonderful feeling that everyone should experience. The feeling of speed as you slide forward in the dark enveloped only the glow of the headlamp.

Photo: Bildbyrån

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