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Philip Ausserhofer @theflyingflip is the former pharmacist who has had a flying start to his trail running career, securing impressive placements over the past few years. Growing up in South Tyrol, the mountains have always been his playground for running, skiing, hiking and paragliding. With a passion for wilderness and a commitment to his goals, Philipp embodies his motto ’dream and dare’, whether he is tackling tricky trails or embracing adventurous mountain moments.

Philipp has been part of the Silva family since 2018.

About Philipp

Name: Philipp Ausserhofer
Born: 15.12.1992, Brunico, Italy
Lives in: Telfes im Stubai, Austria
Sport: Trailrunning
Other interests: All kind of mountain sports, discovering the planet with our van.
Favorite Silva products: Strive 5, SMINI (coming soon), Trailrunner Free 2
Instagram: @theflyingflip
Strava: Philipp Ausserhofer

Philipp ausserhofer


Why did you choose SILVA as a partner?
The cooperation with SILVA is a match. It's just right - the values, the attitude to sport, the style, the message, the products. SILVA is my choice when it comes to running vests and headlamps. Somehow SILVA was there right from the start, believing in me and my path. We have been a team since 2018 and have grown together. The past few years have shown how well we work together, how much we are willing to invest and that the progress is going in the right direction. I can rely on SILVA - on the products and the people behind.

Do you have any tips when it comes to running downhill on tricky trails?
This is probably the supreme discipline of trail running. The most important tip is ‘technique before speed’ - approach it slowly and increase your safety before increasing your speed. Incorporate coordinative training into your sessions - slack lining, running technique exercises, stability training… And avoid unnecessary bends - don't dance around rocks or roots, take the direct route over them. That's the quickest way. ;)

What’s your workout philosophy? 
Listen to your mind and body. On the one hand, I am an athlete who trains very hard, disciplined and purposefully. But there is also the adventurer in me - driven by the search for the wilderness, the real mountain moments, the sunrises and sunsets. I try to combine and satisfy both parts every day. Because it's not just about training the athlete hard and pushing the body further, but also about strengthening the mind: with adventures that are really fun and fulfilling, memories that stay, where pace and meters/km are purely secondary. My philosophy follows my life motto: dream and dare. Because it's about dreaming big and subordinating everything to aim that goal. It's about doing things with passion and dedication, enjoying what you do and having the absolute will to achieve your dreams and goals. 

What do you bring for ultra-running adventures/races?
A lot of passion! For me, ultra running is much more than just a sport - it's a metaphor for life. Let's think about the altitude profile of our next competition - all the ups and downs, peaks and valleys - they symbolize life itself! And that's why I simply put all my will, all my enthusiasm, all my passion and energy into every training session, competition or adventure. Because that's what it's all about. All in or nothing.

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