With 89 years of experience in developing compasses, we supply motorboat compasses that facilitate navigation at high speeds and in rough weather.

Common to our compasses for motorboats is the Silva quality. All our boat compasses have a durable, scratch-resistant glass with outstanding readability, are water-resistant and can be used all year round. Silva quality also guarantees durability, which is why Silva compasses have an extended warranty of 5 years.

Motorboat compasses with fast and accurate direction

Our motorboat compasses are designed to facilitate navigation at high speeds in all weathers. The fast and stable setting helps you keep the right course even when it's windy on the lake.

Smart functions such as double scale and multiple control lines

Some of Silva's motorboat compasses are dual scale, including models 70NBC/FBC , 100BC , 100FC and 100NBC/FBC . This function gives you a better overview and more detailed information about the course.

Choose a motorboat compass with several guide lines, something that enables the reading of the course from several different angles. The following compass models have multiple guide lines: 70P , 85 , 85E , 100BC , 100FC , 100NBC/FBC and 102B/H .

Some of our boat compasses also have built-in lighting that facilitates night navigation: C58 , 85E , 70NBC/FBC , 100BC , 100FC , 100NBC/FBC and 102B/H .

Bulkhead mounting or flush mounting

Our motorboat compasses can be mounted either with bulkhead mounting or flush mounting - choose what suits your boat best. Among the motorboat compasses with bulkhead mounting you will find the models 70P , 85 , 85E and 102B/H . If you want a flush mount compass, check out the 85 , 85E or 100FC . The models C58 , 70NBC/FBC , 100NBC/FBC , The 100BC has several mounting options .