Trail Speed

Trail Speed



The Trail Speed headlamps are light, compact and powerful with a brightness of 1200 lumens. Thanks to the combination of the lightweight battery and bright light, these headlamps are suitable for trail running, cross-country skiing, skiing and other activities in demanding terrain - a headlamp for cardio athletes. The Trail Speed has a wide headband for maximum comfort and is water resistant. The power saving mode extends the battery's burning time and the reserve mode gives you 30 minutes of extra use.

Trail Speed 5XT – headlamp for skiing and MTB

With its rechargeable 7.0 Ah battery, the Trail Speed 5XT has a good burning time - 40 hours at the lowest setting and 10 hours at the highest. Combined with the brightness of 1200 lumens, this is the right choice of headlamp for skiing, mountain biking and longer training sessions in demanding terrain. The headlamp comes with seven accessories: battery holder for the headband, headlamp mount for bicycle handlebars, helmet mount, extension cord, cable holder, velcro strap to attach the battery to the bike frame with and strap that provides extra support on the head.

Trail Speed 5XT – headlamp for cross-country skiing and running

The Trail Speed 5XT combines 1200 lumens with a compact, rechargeable 3.5 Ah battery. Perfect for those who need a reliable headlamp for cross-country skiing, trail running or excursions in the forest. The Trail Speed 5XT has four accessories: battery holder for the headband, helmet mount, extension cable and cable holder.

Trail Speed 5R – headlamp for running/trail running

The R in Trail Speed 5R stands for run – this is an optimal headlamp for running. You still get 1200 lumens, but the 2.0 Ah battery is lighter and more flexible than the other models.  It includes two accessories: a battery holder that keeps the battery in place when you run, and a cable holder that keeps the extension cord in place.