Light up the night and go low on grams with the Smini headlamp, the perfect balance of weight and brightness. Weighing only from 38.5 grams and boasting 250 lumen, this headlamp will never wear you down. Stay strong and safe when trail running, lightweight trekking and racing. Let Smini be your trusted ally and let the light experience begin.

Optimize every gram while feeling safe and secure  

Smini is Silva’s lightest headlamp series, weighing only 38.5 grams (Smini Fly) in a size that fits the palm of your hand. With its 250 lumens and functional design, Smini is a reliable and lightweight companion for everyday runs, and the perfect backup light during races and adventures.

Developed with ultra runner
Philipp Ausserhofer

The idea for the Smini headlamp came from ultra runner and Silva athlete Philipp Ausserhofer, who wished for a "Silva Mini” – a compact backup light for ultra races, which also can be used for everyday runs and lightweight trekking. The result: the minimalistic headlamps Smini and Smini Fly, available in black, rose and mint.

Eco-conscious design

Smini is our first step on a circular design journey and is a modular headlamp. Smini comes with two different headbands (3 mm and 15 mm) to suit various activities and users. The headlamp is easy to dissemble at the end of its product lifecycle and it features a QR code where you can access product information. The lamp house and headband are made of recycled materials.


"Silva managed to squeeze a great variety of features into this tiny headlamp, which makes it intuitive to use and easy to handle when on the trail. We also loved the fresh design, eco-conscious material selection, and modern color palette of the Smini Fly.” 

– ISPO jury

250 lumens with night vision mode

The Smini series boasts 250 lumens and features Silva Intelligent Light, a red light mode that preserves your night vision, and a super-low 10 lumens mode that saves battery.

Smart functions

The Smini headlamp has a large on-off button that is easy to operate even when wearing gloves. It has a 4-level battery indicator and a lock function to save battery. The Smini is also waterproof according to IPX5 and chargeable with USB-C.

Minimalistic and super lightweight

Smini Fly weighs only 38.5 grams and Smini 53 grams, both in a size that fits the palm of your hand, with either a 3 or 15 mm headband.

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