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From beginners to professionals

There are many kinds of compasses with different features and complexity. Start with the basics and learn more along the way. Your new knowledge will take you to new places and out on new adventures - both bigger and safer!

Silva has compasses for orienteering, boating and kayaking, outdoor adventures and for professional use. Our most popular compass families are called Expedition and Ranger. Both collections have models that include a traditional ruler compass, models with a global needle and models with a mirror for easier navigation over long distances.


Silva Field is an entry level compass designed to meet the demands of schools, youth groups and leisure outdoor navigators.

• Entry level compass
• Waterproof
• Reliable companion in all outdoor situations
• Price SEK 249


The Silva Ranger compasses have all the necessary features you need for adventure and are an excellent choice for most when you just want to get out into nature.

• Easy to handle
• Traditional ruler compass
• Great value for money
• Price from SEK 329


The Silva Expedition compasses are for more advanced adventures and for those who have previous knowledge of navigation and would like more features.

• Advanced compass
• Highest precision and durability
• When only the best is good enough
• Price from SEK 549

Ruler compass

The most common compass model is a ruler compass. It's perfect for finding direction quickly and has a rotatable compass housing so you can easily navigate using the Silva 1-2-3 system . Many of the ruler compasses have multiple scales on the compass - tune one of these scales to match your map, this will make your navigation easier. It can also be good with features such as clinometer, automatic compensation for declination and magnifying glass so you can read the map more precisely.

Our most popular compasses are Ranger and Expedition .

Global needle

That the Earth's magnetic zones affect the way you think about navigation is important to understand, especially if you're planning adventures in other parts of the world. Most Silva compasses are balanced for one of the three zones of the globe. If you use the compass in the "wrong" zone, the needle will tilt and the compass may show incorrect north. Some of our most popular compasses are now equipped with a global needle that can be used in all three zones of the globe. The global needle gives you a flexible compass that can be used all over the world.

Our most popular global compasses are the Ranger Global and Expedition Global .

Aiming compasses for long distances

If you are going to navigate over long distances, a bearing compass can be useful. Thanks to the mirror, you can see the compass and the background with the environment at the same time. Seeing both the compass and the environment makes it easier for you to take more precise direction; you never have to take your eyes off the direction you are going.

An aiming compass is best suited for open terrain where you have to navigate over long distances.

Our most popular aiming compasses are the Ranger S and Expedition S.

First to the checkpoint

Introducing the new Arc Jet and Spike Jet compasses with the new Jet 2.0 needle: world-fast, stable and reliable. We are proud to set a new standard for orienteers!

This is how you navigate

Navigating with a map and compass is as easy as 1-2-3. But there are a few things to learn before you head out.

How compasses work

In addition to knowing the simple Silva 1-2-3 system, it is also good to have a basic knowledge of compasses.