Walking poles

Increase your speed and training effect.

Engage more muscles during your walks.

Up to 50% higher calorie burn

Increase your speed and training effect with walking poles from Silva. Walking with poles is an excellent way to exercise and if you bring them on your daily walks, the effect on your metabolism - your calorie burn - can increase by up to 50%. Poles are a great and gentle tool for training that helps you activate even your upper body. It is popular among cross-country skiers to use poles during preseason training in hilly terrain.

Easy to adjust
Silva's walking poles are easy to adjust. Adjust the pole length to about two-thirds of your height. The poles have a so-called "flick lock" or "twist lock" depending on the model you choose. All poles can be adjusted in length between 105-140 cm.

A tight and comfortable grip is important when using your walking poles and therefore these poles have a wrist strap that resembles a glove, like a ski pole. The glove allows you to grip the pole handle without having to exert yourself and then completely release the grip in the push-off when you move forward.

Three models
Silva's walking poles are available in three models. All with rubber feet for hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, as well as concave pole tips for grip even on muddy or snowy surfaces. The rubber feet are shaped to follow your natural movement pattern so that it becomes gentle on the body even when you challenge it.

All models include trugs so that you can use your poles regardless of the season with snow, sand or mud. The model made of 7075 aluminum with comfortable cork handles is a faithful training companion regardless of temperature or number of miles. The other two models have rubber handles that give you a comfortable feeling. Choose the model that suits you.


Poles help you maintain your pace and improve both balance and posture, allowing you to go further.


Get better balance and stability with hiking poles from Silva.


Increase speed and training effect with walking poles from Silva.