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Climb mountains with poles

Emma Svensson's expert tips

The love of high altitudes

“It's almost like meditating. It's you and nature and you can't think about anything else but where you're going to set foot next"

Do you also want to climb mountains?

Emma Svensson is the professional fashion photographer who also adds an impressive number of climbed mountains peaks around the world to her resume.

Here are Emma's 3 best tips:

1. Plan your adventure in the calendar, then you have a real goal to train for! I always have my next adventure planned, it helps me stay motivated in my training.

2. Make sure you have the right knowledge for your own safety. There are courses in climbing in an alpine environment, so sign up today!

3. Learn how to use your muscles for all the hours on the way down from the mountain top. Allow yourself enough time for training and preparation.

Important preparations

When Emma talks about mountain climbing, she describes magnificent experiences. Not only physically but also mentally.

"I'm extremely focused when I climb, which is so far from my mental state in the big city. I grow as a person when I climb. I love it. And as a photographer, I can't complain about the view."

Emma believes that many people miss what is required during the descent when preparing physically for big rock climbing adventures.

"We usually focus on being well prepared for the uphill challenge. But we also need to train the muscles we use when going down the mountain. Using poles helps. Poles are good tools for keeping our balance on technical trails, or if we need to wade across a watercourse, or if the ground is rocky. I always use poles, both when I'm hiking or when I'm going to climb mountains."

She spends a lot of time in her van but also in her apartment in Stockholm. Stockholm is at the same level as the sea, but despite that she finds conditions for good training with a lot of altitude in Hammarbybacken and on the treadmill. Low-intensity cardio, running, skiing, cycling, strength training and a bit of climbing are Emma's recipes for preparing for high-altitude adventures.

"Out on the mountain, the days can be 10-12 hours long, so my training sessions also need to be long."

"I climbed Ama Dablam in Nepal when I was just a beginner a few years ago. It made a big impression on me. The fact that I was a beginner then makes me extra proud now."


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