Mimi Kotka

From beginner to WC in five years

Mimmi Kotka went from being an inexperienced runner to a WC runner in just five years. She has impressed with her development and Mimmi, who is an ultra trail runner and nutritionist, has won several international competitions during her career. In 2017, Mimmi won both the Mont-Blanc 80 km marathon and the Swiss Alpine Marathon. The following year she won the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail and the MaXi-Race International.

Mimmi has been part of the Silva family since 2018 and was an important part of the product development of the Trail Runner Free headlamp.

Multiple world champion in Ultra trail & Skyrunning
Winner of the Marathon du Mont Blanc
Co-founder of Moonvalley

Mimi Kotka


How do you fuel up before a race?
I usually take it easy with the training before competitions and enjoy all the extra time it gives me. If I feel nervous, I usually think that what makes a difference to the result of the competition I have already done, i.e. all the hours of training and preparation.

What are your best tips for those who want to start ultra races or sky running?
Don't make it too complicated. It's not "rocket science", it's just about running in nature.

Which competitions do you recommend for beginners?
Choose races based on what you want to get out of it: a big personal challenge or a fun day with your friends? I like both and like to choose large and well-known international competitions interspersed with small local competitions.

If you had more time, what activity would you like to do more of?
I would like to paddle more, preferably SUP (stand up paddling), it's so relaxing. Because I run so much, it's hard to catch up on water activities.

What is your best Silva product?
Trail Speed because the light is amazing. I run long distances, sometimes all night in demanding terrain, so a good light is important to me. I usually set the lamp's strength to half when I'm running uphill and then max the brightness when I'm running downhill. I love that it's easy to change the battery and having it in the backpack makes it easier for me.

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