Pack waterproof

Keep the stuff dry

Pack smart and waterproof

You know that extra battery for the headlamp that you need right now is packed away somewhere, but you can't remember where. You feel the sun burn against your skin between the balmy breezes, but your sunscreen is at the bottom of the big bag. And how about that rain jacket that you need now that the rain is pouring down?

Pack smart, light and dry with color-coded and waterproof dry bags. Silva's durable and soft dry bags, which hold from 3 liters up to 48 liters depending on the model, keep the moisture away even when the waves wash over you at their best. Keep track of your stuff and find what you need quickly and easily!

Dry bags In 100% recycled polyester

Choose the right series

Choose the dry bags series from Silva that suits you best. R-Pet Dry Bags are available in 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 liters and are made from 100% recycled material that is both light and durable. The soft packing bags are color-coded depending on size so you can keep track of what you packed where. The mobile phone and sun protection in the 3-liter pack bag and then the socks together with dry underwear and shell garments in the 12-liter pack bag. In the larger dry bags, you can put down rain clothes, boots, or anything else you need to keep dry and protected.

Built-in valve for smarter packing
The packing bags in the TPU and TPU-V series are our most durable dry bags and the transparent material enables you to see what is inside them. The models in TPU-V have a built-in valve so you can squeeze the air out of your pack bag and pack extremely compactly on a tight surface. These dry bags are for you who really want to maximize space!

The 70D series, made of durable nylon, has even clearer color coding so you can find the right dry bag even faster.

Packing soft is packing smart

Soft packing is generally a more convenient way to pack in your boat compared to using hard bags. Anything that is soft is easier to stow away.

Silva's dry bags are made for all occasions when you want to pack waterproof. In the kayak, on the boat or perhaps for the hiking trip when you have firm ground under your feet. If it starts to rain during the hike or snow during the ski trip, you keep your stuff dry in the backpack and you never have to worry about wet gear weighing you down.

In addition, you can pack both often and for a long time with our dry bags because they are extra durable.

Hacks for your dry bag

Creative uses

We have developed our dry bags for smart and flexible packing, but we receive tips from our customers about more ingenious areas of use. In the same way that a dry bag keeps water out, it can also be used to keep water in. One user showed us how she used her smallest dry bag as a water bowl for her dog on a hot summer day.

Another user filled his dry bag with air and used it as buoyancy when swimming across a larger body of water. Afterwards, you can pack wet swimwear or towels in your dry bag, so the moisture is kept away from other things in your pack! This tip works just as well on the boat as it does on the way home from the swimming pool.

Cozy tent lighting

Create cozy lighting in the rough by putting your headlamp in the dry bag and hanging up. In the TPU-V and TPU series, there are hangers on the inside of the smaller models so you can easily hang the headlamp in them. Our waterproof Explore headlamp is our recommendation to have in your pack, it is waterproof to IPX7.

Fill your dry bag with air and you have a soft backrest or neck pillow when you lie down and listen to the weather forecast in the evening.