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Different functions for different boats

Several of the functions of our boat compasses are consistent regardless of model, but there are things to keep in mind to get the most out of your compass. Some compasses are more suited to being read and navigated at high speeds - while others are adapted to navigate in rough seas on the open sea.

Motorboat compasses for navigation at full speed

With fast and precise direction

The motorboat compasses are made to facilitate navigation at high speeds in rough weather. Thanks to the fast and stable setting, you keep the right course even when it's windy on the lake.

Bulkhead mounting or flush mounting
Several of the motorboat compasses can be mounted either with bulkhead mounting or with flush mounting. You choose what suits your particular boat best. However, remember to attach the compass properly so that it sits firmly when you accelerate.

Dual scale and multiple control lines
Some motorboat compasses have dual scales, including the 85 compass, which gives you a better overview and more detailed information about the course. You can also advantageously choose a compass that has several guide lines that enable the reading of the course from several different angles.

Correct course on the open sea with sailboat compasses

Roll compensation

The sailboat compasses are optimized to handle serious heeling and compensate for any pitching and rocking that occurs on open water. The compasses have a larger capsule and are available with pedestal mounting for a better overview.

Control bar and built-in compensator
Thanks to several guide lines on the capsule, you can easily read the direction from several angles when handling your boat. It gives you more freedom regarding the placement of the compass on the boat. Most sailing compasses also have a built-in compensator that handles disturbances caused by magnetic fields.

Eliminate parallax errors
The top models 125FTC and 125T also have an extended shadow stick in the middle of the compass housing which, among other things, helps to eliminate parallax errors.

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Find your boat compass

The difference between compasses adapted for sailboats or motorboats