Erik is sailing solo.

But he has hundreds of thousands of companions with him.

Alone at sea

Erik Aanderaa almost always sails solo but has hundreds of thousands of followers watching his sailing adventures on YouTube. He describes it as fascinating to be able to cross a vast ocean completely alone in a small boat and believes that the feeling of relying on his own ability to survive is powerful.

No bullshit just sailing

Strong gale and 6-meter high waves

The most exciting adventure I've experienced was the first time I crossed the North Sea completely alone in the middle of winter to attend the "Up Helly Aa" fire festival in Shetland, Scotland. It was a strong gale and 6-meter high waves all the time. It was an incredibly powerful experience," Erik recounts.

Aiming for Greenland
2022, Erik will sail across the North Sea again, and in the spring, he plans his first sail to Svalbard. But the big goal awaits when he will make his third attempt to sail to Greenland.

-The biggest challenge when I'm sailing is to keep a level head when it really storms. I'm completely dependent on the boat's ability to withstand the weather's pressures. The boat is what keeps me alive at sea," explains Erik.

Preparation is key.
Feeling healthy and strong is important to endure when the weather challenges and he is alone on board. He is careful to pack warm clothes, energy-rich food, and plenty of drinks. But he also packs DVD movies for his TV on board because he enjoys watching movies a lot.

In 2021, Erik quit his job as a safety instructor to sail full-time. Follow his travels on the YouTube channel No Bullshit Just Sailing.

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Erik sails solo

Erik Aanderaa almost always sails solo but has hundreds of thousands of followers with him

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