Paddle along the coast of Norway

Daniel Salbu aims to paddle the entire Norwegian coastline

Olympic dream and Gold in the Youth WC

When Norwegian Daniel Salbu gave up on his Olympic paddling dream, he needed a different kind of challenge to focus on. Having previously paddled home gold in the youth WC and other medals, this year he will paddle the entire Norwegian coastline.

With a focus on the experience

Safety is the key

- Before, all my hours in the kayak were dedicated to the goal of being as good as possible, but now I can instead focus on the experience and enjoying nature, says Daniel.

He has already trained enough to handle the physical challenge. However, he prepares all the more based on packing and safety.

- Safety will be important. Extra paddle, GPS, compass, spare parts and tape are things that are on the packing list along with a good headlamp so others can see me on the water when it gets dark.

In addition, tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags must fit in the kayak together with enough food, water and energy to be able to paddle more than 50 km per day.

Daniel is prepared for all kinds of weather and believes that when there is a stiff gale, it is not the time to go out on the open sea.

- I expect I will have to spend many days in my tent to wait out storms so I need to pack enough food, water and gas for my storm kitchen to cope with all kinds of weather.

Packs with dry bags

Even fog can be a challenge along the Norwegian coastline.

- It is common to have fog along the coast, which means that I will not see anything and that no other ships or boats will see me. I want to be careful to wear a lot of reflectors and lights so that others can always see me. In addition, it is especially important to have both GPS and compass when the fog rolls in and visibility becomes poor.

Daniel keeps his pack dry with dry bags, it is a prerequisite to cope with 2-3 months of paddling in a small kayak.

- I will have all my packing in waterproof dry bags in different sizes. They are color coded so I know in which bag I have what I need. Since it is cramped in the kayak, I use dry bags with a valve so that I can get all the air out and reduce the volume.

Daniel explains that he expects all kinds of challenges, but that loneliness will probably be the biggest. He knows he has to keep his spirits up despite headwinds, rain, cold and waves rolling in from the west.

- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the summer will be really good in Norway, Daniel concludes with a laugh .

Paddle along the coast of Norway

Norwegian Daniel Salbu will paddle the entire Norwegian coastline

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